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You Excel at what You dis-Like

expandI Am a Great example of this notion “You Excel at what You dis-Like”.

When attending school in My earlier years, I Remember specifically in English studies, that I Received rather poor grades from My Teachers over the course of the years in school.

This judgement of grades deterred Me from pursuing anything related in writing, and even reading! Now, I take full Responsibility for Being influenced by those who graded Me over the years in this manner. And for Me not over coming the judgement held Me from Excelling at some thing I Now Love Doing!

You Can apply this Principle to absolutely any thing in Your Experience of LIFE.

Just Simply make a list of what You dis-Like, and examine where that judgement originates from.

Even if You Can not pin-point where it originates from, You Can still re-Discover the True Essence of some thing You possess as a Quality from Your Being!

Give Great Attention to how You Feel about things You Have labelled as a dis-Like. You Will over come the judgement, and Possibly Utilize the True Nature of what You where Born to Do!


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