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The Nature of Gravity is Finally Explained

gravity-newtonI Am not sure if You are Aware, however Gravity is still rather a Mystery to Scientists and Many Scholars in general.

It is described as a Force, and has been measured for many years. Most Do not understand what it is though, and what causes it? Even My Self Have speculated on what causes this obvious Force.

Even the word Gravity is rather Mysterious as in Latin:

gravis : heavy, weighty, serious, important / severe, grievous.

gravitas : weight, seriousness, dignity, importance.

graviter : heavily, seriously.

I Do not know about You, however those definitions above are rather elusive, and Do not Give a adequate explanation of the English word Gravity. Which to Me is rather misleading, as most words in the English language derive from Latin.

I Have come across a Scientist that is providing a Better explanation of Gravity, which is more up-to-date than the old definition laid out by Sir Isaac Newton.

Click on the Link below to download the document, or go to the original website I found the document on:

Nature of Gravity



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