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Ley Lines

Interesting Information about Ley Lines.

“Discover one of many protected secrets in the world. It’s time for humanity to awaken. Sacred teachings tell us exactly how to tap spiritual energy from the Earth’s Grid. Bermuda triangle, vortexes, Pentagrams, Wiccans, and other mysterious subjects all explained in an easy to understand way. And how Isochronic Technology can connect your mind to the grid.”

The Unexplainable Store


Desire to Ascend

Ascendant Books Ltd. has been in Edmonton for over 25 years now. I became aware of it just this year. This store is amazing! I have been there a few times, reason being is ’cause every time I Am there, I Am over whelmed with the selection of books, gems, audio, and various other items excellent for gift giving! I have purchased numerous books from Ascendant. I highly recommend this store to any one. They are located at 10310 – 124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta. Click on the picture or link below to see their website.

Ascendant Books Ltd.