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What is a QEG?!



This is some of the MOST IMPORTANT Info I Am Proud to Be Able to Share with You!

I know most of You’re Aware of who Nikola Tesla was, and if You are not, please go Read about him here:


Nikola Tesla

Now what I NEED You to understand is, Nikola Tesla along with other very Important People such as Viktor Schauberger, Believed in WORKING with the LAWS OF NATURE, NOT against them!

With that Being stated, lets get to the point “What is a QEG?!”…

It stands for:

Quantum Energy Generator

Which in a nutshell, is a ALMOST FREE Energy Generating Device, based on Basic Principles re-Discovered by Tesla.

The COOL thing about this QED, is it is Being FREELY Shared with EVERYONE, by Sharing the Blueprints on how to Build it!

The Blueprints may Be Downloaded here:

QED Manual

And here:


There is also a website to track the progress of this Project:


It has been a LONG time coming, and I LOVE how this has been Shared with the World.

Please Feel FREE to Share this with EVERYONE You know!