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Critical Thinking

Lightbulb_in_headMore than ever before, I have noticed over the last while People are starting to blindly follow this, and follow that.

Whether it Be, a political movement, a religious organization, or alternative news website.

To my understanding, I believe it is attributed to Simply laziness, mis-guidance, and over stimulation via the various forms of Media available today, mind You there are probably other various reasons, however those three come to mind.

In My opinion, especially in the wake of the new propaganda the gov’s and mass media outlets are trying to hammer home, that war is again rearing it’s ugly, and un-needed head to the People of Earth. People should Be more Aware of what they Support, Join, or follow.

Research, and use the Critical Thinking to make an Astute Choice in-which will most likely affect You, and those around You, especially the future generations to come on Earth.

I admit in the past, I would Simply Join this, follow that, based on someone else’s opinion, however now a days, I am very diligent in what I believe, and am feed to believe.

What I am getting here is, Do Your Own due diligence before coming to a conclusion on what is appropriate for Humanity as a whole, especially because these days are very critical as more, and more People come on board to what is deemed “alternative”, and waking-up so-to-speak.

We Honestly do NOT need more blind leading the blind, and have the so-called “Powers that Be” utilize this weakness to their advantage.

All=in-all, I believe We as a Mass have come a long way from the grips of false-authority, and I Have Hope that We will come out on top somewhere in the future! 🙂

Bedford Biofuels

It came to My attention a while ago, that some of Us focus on so many of the problems in Our Life, however when You shift to focusing on many of the Solutions, You will notice shortly there after the problems seem to become non-existent and Simply dissolve away!

This brings Me to the topic of non-Renewable Resources. As many of You may know, Our means of transport, products, etc… are mainly run on petroleum. And as many of You are Aware, petroleum is deemed non-Renewable by many scientists, or so-called professionals in that field of work. Also, many of You know of the alternatives to traditional petroleum’s, such as Biofuels. Canola, soy, sunflower, even algae! Just to name a few. Most of the above noted Biofuels Have many other Purposes as well, such as for Food consumption.

Most of the Biofuels stated, require much energy to produce a single drop of fuel to Be used, hence making that source of fuel contradictory to Being a Reasonable alternative. And to makes things more complicated, these sources are mainly used for Food, in turn lessening how much Food We Have for Human or Animal consumption on this Planet!

Which brings Me to a rather clever Solution. What if there was a plant that produced only fuel, Grew in areas deemed unfavorable for many plants, is inedible to many animals, is very Easy to refine, the list goes on… Well there is such a plant, and it has been among Us for many years now!

To find out more about this Amazing plant, Go to:

Bedford Biofuels

If You Choose to Learn more after reviewing their website, then I recommend You contact:

Phone : 1-780-801-1234
Fax : 1-780-801-1245
Cell : 1-780-722-9992
Suite 206, 11523 – 100th Ave
Edmonton, Alberta   T5K 0J8

Bedford Biofuels
energy for generations

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Alternative Energy

Below are some ideas for various alternative energy applications and methods! Click on the separate tabs to view the linking websites.