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Facebook Tip 4

This tip is about facebook security.

I Am not sure if You notice when You browse through a website, in the url browser box:


If it is displaying http://… or http://www… it is not a secure site. Now I Am not Informing You of this to Create paranoia, however just make You Aware that on certain sites this is a must! For example facebook, online banking, online email, You get the picture.

Well facebook Offers a setting that makes Your facebook browsing Experience more Secure.

Go to:


And once You Have logged in, scroll down to “Account Security” and click on the words:


And click on the box to check mark the “Secure Browsing (https)” setting:

Secure Browsing (https)

Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible

I Hope this tip puts You more at Ease about Your internet browsing from this forward 🙂


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