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Facebook Tip 2

This Cool little tip is very Powerful for those of Us Who Operate a wordpress site.

I purchased this tool today. It is a plugin for wordpress that cleans up presenting Your content on a facebook fan page.

for example:


As You Can see from the screenshot of My FB fan page for Umattr.info, it presents the content from the website right on My fan page automatically!

The plugin uses a app in facebook known as:


The plugin for wordpress is 17$ to purchase, and I find that is very reasonable for such a Powerful tool, that makes updating Your fan page from Your wordpress site effortless.

What You get for 17$ is:

– FB page convertor for WordPress Plugin.

– Video Tutorials on how to set the plugin up.

– Video Tutorials on how to Create a fan page in facebook.

And as a added Bonus from Me, I threw in a ebook, that shows You how to setup a wordpress site step-by-step, from scratch!

Now You Have no excuses in setting up all the tools I mentioned above!

Go and:





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