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SimpleMobileSites.com JVThat’s right, You read that title correctly!

I Am Giving away *250$ to those who introduce Me with business owners that require a Service I Do.

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Internet Movies without a PC

RokuThe easiest way to stream on TV

Meet Roku—the original, best-selling streaming player. With Roku, it’s a snap to enjoy the best movies and TV shows, live sports, music, games and more—all instantly on your TV, whenever you want it.

No PC needed

Roku connects easily to your TV and wireless (Wi-Fi) network at home. Be up and streaming in minutes.

You can do it

With the simple remote, you choose what you want to watch, and it starts instantly. It’s even more convenient than watching a DVD.

No extra monthly bills

Access your existing subscriptions like Netflix. Enjoy tons of free movies, shows, and music. Or browse the latest blockbusters available on demand.

Always getting better

Roku brings you endless entertainment choices, and we’re adding more all the time. So you’ll always find something new to watch, hear and enjoy.


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Going Mobile!

SimpleMobileSites.comWell I Have added yet another Powerful Service to My tool belt!

I Am not sure if You are Aware or not, however mobile usage is consistently rising daily.

What does this mean for You? Well if You are a business Owner, then I suggest getting a head of this trend and position Your Self to Receive more customers/clients.

You may Be thinking “What is the difference between a website, and a mobile ready website?”.

Desktop/laptop Websites:

  • Are used for branding a company, product or service.
  • More in depth descriptions on various topics.
  • Entertain (some cases).
  • Provide  background info.
  • Many other reasons…

Mobile Websites:

  • For functionality (when You are on the go, You wish to find, or contact the business You are looking for).
  • Fast and Easy navigation of Important Info (catered for customers/clients on the go).
  • Does not eat up lots of bandwidth (meaning You are not going to pay for tons of data usage on Your next mobile phone bill!).
  • Prioritizes the mobile user, some one who requires info fast and easy, while on the go…
  • Many other reasons…

As You Can see, there are many reasons to Have both website computability.

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SEOI Am Offering Simple Easy and Effective methods to get Your website noticed!

I Have been unknowingly done this Service for many years now, and finally came to realize My Talents moments ago.

I know many of Us require Easier and Effective ways to get Our Service or Products noticed by the masses, well I Can Help You with Achieving those Goals.


Matt @ matt@umattr.info | 1.780.604.8649

And I Can Offer a Free consultation on where Your website(s), Service(s) and/or Product(s) rank online, and offline.


Twitter Karma

Twitter KarmaIf any of You use Twitter, I Suggest this Simple handy tool!

This online software Offers a Efficient way to know who is and is not following You on Twitter.

Here are the steps to using this tool:

1 ) Go to:


2 ) Click on the “Sign in with Twitter” button.

3 ) Fill in Your “Username” and “Password” in the appropriate boxes, and click on the “Authorize app” button.

4 ) You Will Be redirected back to the main page.Now, check mark the “” or not(it takes longer to load with this option unchecked).

5 ) Click on the large “Whack” button.

6 ) Be Patient, as it may take a while to populate Your followers and unfollowers(It depends on how large Your list is).

7 ) Near the top of the next page, there are some drop down menus that are titled “Sort by:” and “Show:”. In the “Show:” drop down Choose either “Only following” or “Only followers”.

8 ) Depending on which drop down You select, You Will Be directed to the next page where You Can “Unfollow” non-followers, or “Follow” followers.

Simply play around with this Free online tool!

Another handy Twitter tool I Have written about is:



Clone a Blog in 32 Seconds

WP TwinIf You use wordpress, You should check out this new tool. It clones Your ENTIRE blog in seconds, so You Can move it to anywhere You want… back it up…

Or if You Do a lot of blog set ups, You Can automate them and save a ton of time.

Also, it comes with some “already cloned” stuff You Can “one click” and deploy. Nice.

To find out more, click the link below:

WP Twin

This is also the Ultimate backup tool. takes a second to back up a blog completely.

The real cool feature though is “deploying” Your clones – this Will save You hundreds of hours.


Free Web Hosting

If You Wish to Have professionally Shared hosting Quality in a Free hosting package, I suggest hosting with 000webhost.com and Experience the Best Service You can get absolutely Free.

Founded in December 2006, 000webhost.com has a Trusted Free hosting members base of over 60,000 members and still counting! Offering professional Quality hosting, Support, uptime and Reliability, they Have a Great Community of webmasters, You will Love to Be a part of!

Register now and this it all Free:
*** 1500 MB of disk space
*** 100 GB of data transfer
*** PHP and MySQL support with no restrictions
*** cPanel control panel
*** Website Builder
*** Absolutely no advertising!

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And I will Do My Best to Help You out, or point You in the right direction.

Facebook Tip 4

This tip is about facebook security.

I Am not sure if You notice when You browse through a website, in the url browser box:


If it is displaying http://… or http://www… it is not a secure site. Now I Am not Informing You of this to Create paranoia, however just make You Aware that on certain sites this is a must! For example facebook, online banking, online email, You get the picture.

Well facebook Offers a setting that makes Your facebook browsing Experience more Secure.

Go to:


And once You Have logged in, scroll down to “Account Security” and click on the words:


And click on the box to check mark the “Secure Browsing (https)” setting:

Secure Browsing (https)

Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible

I Hope this tip puts You more at Ease about Your internet browsing from this forward 🙂


Facebook Tip 3

Here is another Great Facebook Tip!

This is for Facebook Users that are annoyed with Receiving “Event” notices, from other Facebook Users that You still wish to keep as FB Friends, however wish not Receive these “Event” notices.

Go to:


At the bottom of the page You Will notice a “Title” called “Block Lists”:


Next click on the link “Edit your lists”.

On the next page You Will see a “Title” called “Block event invites”:


You Will notice there is a box beside “Block invites from:”, in that box You Can enter the name of a FB Friend You wish to “Block event invites” from.


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