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Facebook Tip 3

Here is another Great Facebook Tip!

This is for Facebook Users that are annoyed with Receiving “Event” notices, from other Facebook Users that You still wish to keep as FB Friends, however wish not Receive these “Event” notices.

Go to:


At the bottom of the page You Will notice a “Title” called “Block Lists”:


Next click on the link “Edit your lists”.

On the next page You Will see a “Title” called “Block event invites”:


You Will notice there is a box beside “Block invites from:”, in that box You Can enter the name of a FB Friend You wish to “Block event invites” from.


Facebook Tip

Here is a Simple little facebook tip for ya!

Have You noticed when some one Shares Their facebook fan page or profile link with You, that it looks Like this:


Well there is a way to Clean that url link up!

Simply go to:


When You are logged into Your fb account, You will see a page similar to this:

Screen Shot

Now You Can change Your url link to whatever is available, for example Mine are:



There You Have it! A Simple and Professional way to Share Your facebook profile, and fan page url links!