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You Be the Judge…

This video was supposedly done in 1980:


Follow Your True Path

Do You Love Being Alive? Do You feel You are on the right path in Your Life? Are You curious to know some suggestions to Better Your Self?

Ponder on those questions for a while…

We all possess a Innate Knowing of “tapping in” to the answers for the above questions and any other question We think of. A Friend of Mine, Desiree has been Nurturing this Innate Knowing for many years now. She offers two methods to Assist You in “tapping in” so to speak.

1) Oracle Card Reading

2) Chakra Reading

I Have had both readings done, and I Trust what Desiree has told Me is very accurate!

Please contact Desiree at:

E-mail: yourtruepath@hotmail.com
Facebook: Follow Your True Path
Phone: 1.780.868.0636

Locations for readings:

Ascendant Books

Second Cup (MEC)

Desiree also does Home readings, Simply contact Her to arrange a date and time.


The Russian Tea Room

My GirlFriend (Amanda) and I Have been to this place in the past. They offer a wide variety of food, and tea. The main attraction for this establishment is the many Psychics that Do reading of all sorts there.

I highly recommend this place for all the reasons noted above! To visit Their website click on either the photo, or the link below.

The Russian Tea Room

Also, if You are interested in various other style of readings, go to:


As well as:

Universal Life Secrets