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Perspective and Perception

I once thought the words Perspective and Perception were very similar, however the definitions of these words are rather different.


A mental view or outlook.


Insight, intuition, or knowledge gained by perceiving.

Now, when understanding these two words fully they bring to Light a whole new Perspective (Pun intended)!

Perspective is how You view Your Life through Your Senses, and Perception is the way You absorb the Experiences in Your Life, through Your Senses!

This is the kicker though, what is absorbed over time shapes Your Beliefs, hence skewing the way Your Perspective is to what You view. Hence Giving You a very unique view of Your Life, one that no one will ever know or understand.

You may Be wondering “Why does this matter to Me?”. Well, think of the cycle by which You are always viewing every thing in Your Life in every Moment? It gets Perceived, then filtered through a Belief system, which in turn skews Your Perspective, then gets perceived again, and goes through the same cycle which in turn is a bit different every time(however We often think it is the same).

This means You are always Growing no matter what, even when You Think Your Life is staying the same! It is very relieving to know We are always Growing, as I once thought before, much of society was stagnant and digressing.

Even if You did Your Best to prove this theory wrong, the mere fact at the attempt to discredit this, means You are Growing, and expanding Your Awareness! Ponder that notion a while 🙂

We all Have unique point-of-views, which all add to the Grand theme of Life! This Gives Me much Hope for Humanity in these supposed disHeartening times.


Being Original

This came to Me the other day, and I was wondering is this even possible any more? ‘Being Original’ that is. I pondered it for a bit, and realized that “Yes it is!”. We are all ‘Being Original’ in every moment, even when some one believes “You copied that from some one else!”.

Take for example Me doing this website, it has and is Being done all over the World as You read this. But what makes it Original is it is coming from Me! I Am unique, as are You, and any one else for that matter. No thing can be copied or duplicated exactly, EVER!!! This is rather powerful, just when You may have thought every thing has been done, You can be rest assured that it never has or ever will be.

You may try and find things that contradict these statements, and that is fine. It is virtually impossible to have a exact moment happen, again, and again, and so forth… That in truth is calming to Me. It means We are always growing! And I do not know about You, but I feel growth is better than it’s polar opposites.

So what is the point of this article, well in the past I was rather frustrated with many people re-quoting what people had said in the past, and thought to My Self, the person who is currently re-quoting does not fully know if the so called ‘Original’ quote is word for word. And there is no way of verifying this, for every thing in the past that is recorded is done from memory, and if You may not know memory is never exact due to the fact each one of Us perceive things truly different! The way I see or think some thing, will always be different than the way You see or think it. And We will never know how any one sees or thinks some thing because it is ultimately unique to You only.

So next time some one says “Be Original!”, You can think to Your Self “I Am!” 🙂


Personal Recessions

I know a lot of You have either read, heard, or seen on TV that there is a “Global Recession” going on. What I Am going to tell You next either will shock You or cause You to exit this page. All recessions ever experienced are personal! Let Me clarify that, every recession ever endured has been isolated only to You personally! Think about that for a minute or more, and then continue reading this post…

Now lets elaborate on that last statement I previously told You. A recession personal to You, “how is that possible?” You say. Well it is quite simple really, You believe what others are telling You to be true! Do You think extremely wealthy people do what others tell them to do? The answer is “No”! If it were the opposite, then they would be like the average person. Trust Me the wealthy make more money during so called “Global Recessions” than any other time, reason being is while every One is being scared on where they will get their next dollar, they(the wealthy) are planning and buying their next venture to sell to You!

Sure there are up and downs on how much wealth is going around, but the key word in that statement is “going around”. Money is still flowing, just not to the Ones believing there is a recession. Take Me for instance, I refuse to read the papers, watch the news(TV for that matter) and do My bsst to not partake in gossip. So to Me there is absolutely what ever I desire to believe in My life. The phrase I love to use for all this is “Care but do not Care”, which means I Care, but do not Care about the things that are trivial. I Am a very responsible Human Being, and have great pride in “not” adding to the Collective Social Mess Humans have and still create moment to moment. I know the World is improving, and Am seeing drastic changes for the better. I have complete faith Humans will come out on top, and never look back!

I will be writing a post in the future about how Our “Beliefs are Perception Filters”, and how You can go about changing Your debilitating beliefs easily!


Do not blame Your Genes!

Interesting video, click on link below to watch!