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What to say about “death”? I know We all experience the loss of some one, or some thing in some form, or another. I also know that We will have it happen to Us some day. My question is “why is death so mis under stood?” What I mean by that is, why do a lot of Us know so little about this inevitable event? I believe it has to do with Our choice to ignore it, and the lack of information on it.

A lot of Us are scared of death. Being scared is usually based upon the belief of uncertainty. In order to release that fear, You can choose to educate Your Self about it, or choose not to believe it at all. I remember reading a quote that stated “Die before You die!”, meaning imagine Your death and all that proceeds it. The reason, I believe they say to do this, is so You can try, and become more familiar with death, and embrace the fact that it will happen.

I have in the last 4 years known quite a number of close people passing on. It seems to come in waves, I had never experienced the loss of any thing except a pet, up until four years back. I guess You could say I have been fortunate to not have experienced this, Although I have mixed emotions on this. Reason being is, I wish not have any one close, or any one for that matter die, but that is a egotistical thing to think. Really it is Me, having a hard time allowing that person to move on, to where ever it is We go after death.

I Am becoming more and more at ease with the process of people around Me passing. You may think, “Matt, that is a insensitive thing to think!” I use to think that as well, but over time, and as more and more people around Me pass on. I have come to realize it is just Me being Selfish in thinking they have to stay around for Me. Really think about that, it is Us that get upset when others pass away. And I believe it is perfectly normal and fine, We are Beings of habits and routines, and when those habits, routines are changed not by choice, We tend to get rather upset about it. But there are people that continue to dwell on the fact that others have left them, or some thing took them away from them. The reason for this article is not to judge and/or insult how You go about Your grieving, and/or how long it takes to grieve, but to provide You awareness of how We are before, during and after the process of death.

I miss those who use to be around Me, and at the same time admire where they have journeyed to. For one day, I to will be there, but now I know, I Am no longer afraid for it to happen.


Direct Matches

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Got Skype?

Along time ago I signed up with Skype, and forgot about it until a few months back. If You are unfamiliar with Skype, it is a application You add to You computer that allows You to chat with people all over the globe. Also it has a video chat feature where You can see live the person You are chatting with for FREE! This is a powerful tool for keeping or getting in touch with people over long distances. Click either on the picture on the left or the link below to find out more. Skype Me @ Umattr.



Lost Generation?

Here is a clip of how we may think or say our world is digressing!


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