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Vision Hockey

Here is a interesting short story My Friend Steve told Me over a year ago. He said to Me “I had a Dream about Creating a hockey stick company with My Friend Murray, several nights ago”. The name of the company in His Dream was slightly different and rather amusing! However, what I Love about this Simple story is that He has made His Dream, and Vision a reality(pun intended)!!!

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Question Every Thing

As some of You may know I was arrested on the 23 of November 2009 at approximately 2000 hrs for Obstruction of Justice. The whole situation started with officers pulling Me over in regards to her judgment on Me supposedly running a red light. I knew from when I use to volunteer at one of Edmonton’s police stations for 3 years that You do not argue with a statute enforcement officer, so I simply stated My perspective. Where this gets interesting is when I was asked for My documents, I replied “I will once You show Me Your documents?”. This did not go over well with the already irate officer, she proceeded to laugh and use a few swear words. She then walked away, and came back a while later asking Me again for My documents, I replied “Not until I see Yours”. She then in anger stated as she was walking away,  I was getting numerous tickets, and My truck impounded.

The other officer came over and asked what was the issue, I asked him for proof of identification as well, he flashed his badge, but as the light was poor I was unable to see any info. I simply requested a business card with a name and badge number, for I knew many officers carried these, to which I told him that I had in the past volunteered at the west division station. He then asked Me to step out of the truck, I responded “Why?”, he said “Obstruction of Justice!”. I asked how so, he proceeded to try and open My truck door, it was locked, My window was down, so he reached inside and opened the door. He then grabbed My arm and pulled Me out of My automobile. The other officer ran over to aid her fellow man by placing Me on the ground firstly handcuffing My left wrist then after punching My kidneys several times they had My other wrist to finish the restraint. While the altercation was going on I was yelling “RELAX, RELAX…”.

After thus forward I went silent, because I know once You have been placed under arrest any thing You do and/or say may and will be used against You in a court of law. This did not go over well with them at all, once they had all My belongings from My pockets and placed Me in the back seat of their squad car, they continued to banter profanity about, and/or at Me to try and get Me to react. They asked Me various questions to who I was, from do You under stand the charges against You. Mixed into the questions was “You never f-ing volunteered with Us”, and “They should have never allowed f-ing idiots like You to volunteer”, You get the picture, they I under stood their tactics rather early, they were simply trying to get Me to react, to which then they would have some thing to charge Me with, cause at the moment they only had an obstruction of justice charge. They waited for the tow truck they had called earlier, and after searching My truck, We then proceeded to the north division station.

At the station I dealt with mostly the male officer, to which he actually was a nice individual. I figured because he was not around the other senior officer, cause I noticed when she was around he would go back into serious mode, and he would whisper to Me what I could do to help My Self out in this situation. I genuinely fealt simpathy for this officer, cause he was young and sincere to what he was doing. It was the stubborn, and jaded views of the other officer that was teaching him to be like her. Then again this is My opinion

I was treated rather well at the station. Even though I had My mug shot and finger prints taken. I received 4 traffic tickets totaling $1000, and an obstruction of justice charge to which I Am to appear in court January 5, 2010. I Am not judging the officers for what had happened, I simply accept and forgive what transpired that evening. I wish not pursue having them suspended, for that does not solve any thing. That will just jade them even further. What ever the female officer has going on in her mind is torture enough, and I wish her luck on working out her issues. The male officer has a genuine caring nature about him, and I hope he keeps it strong throughout his Life!

I will deal with this situation as it comes moment to moment, it is a learning experience for Me. I have great intentions, and I know the out come will be good either way. The point of this situation described in this article is that no matter what, always question every thing, for every moment is different, and growth comes from change. I did leave out some small details from this event, for a lot went on in the three and half hours it happened, but the important info I feel is written above.If You wish to know more email Me, and I will gladly tell You what You desire to know.

I have forgiven but will never forget 🙂


Read this article posted by CTV News | http://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/edmonton-driver-warns-of-police-impersonator-1.953684

This is rather interesting, as I was pulled over, then arrested for “Obstruction of Justice” back on:

23 of November, 2009

For requesting ID from a so-called Police Officer.

I went to court, and in the end was put on probation for a year, with community service.

So I hope, ALL the Police Officers, and Peace Officers know that Civilians are ALLOWED to request ID from them.