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Mimic Nature

I Learned a while ago that Nature knows Best, and as a Human this goes against what We traditionally are taught.

For example look at a lot of Our city landscapes, they have right-angle geometry embedded every where.

Now look in Pure Nature, I have yet to find 90 degree angles.

Nature is fluid, and Efficient, however Us Human’s Create much from a sterile, and inefficient perspective.

I came across a inventor some time ago that Believe’s in utilizing Nature:

Jay Harman



Another Man Believed in these same principles:

Viktor Schauberger



Living Energies

I read the book titled ‘Living Energies‘ by Callum Coats over a year ago. The author translated the Life workings of Viktor Schauberger. You may have never read or heard about Viktor, I know I had not heard of Him until I read this book. He is comparative to many Geniuses such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newtin, Galileo Galilei

I Believe the reason He never has been recognized Globally for His many findings, is Due to the fact most of His research was on “Free Energy”. That’s right, Free Energy! He discovered many Relationships in Nature that assisted Him in devising many instruments to which mimic Nature to utilize Energy!

The book it Self explains many of His experiments and also tells the Personal Life of Viktor. I admit the book is long, and a bit technical in parts, how ever it Gives much Knowledge to what most Humans have been misled to Believe about Nature and Energy!

Click on either the book cover beside this article or the link below to download the PDF version of the book.

Living Energies

You can also purchase a Physical Copy:



PS – Here’s some Awesome Products that use the Power of Viktor’s Discoveries:

Alive Water