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Twitter Karma

Twitter KarmaIf any of You use Twitter, I Suggest this Simple handy tool!

This online software Offers a Efficient way to know who is and is not following You on Twitter.

Here are the steps to using this tool:

1 ) Go to:


2 ) Click on the “Sign in with Twitter” button.

3 ) Fill in Your “Username” and “Password” in the appropriate boxes, and click on the “Authorize app” button.

4 ) You Will Be redirected back to the main page.Now, check mark the “” or not(it takes longer to load with this option unchecked).

5 ) Click on the large “Whack” button.

6 ) Be Patient, as it may take a while to populate Your followers and unfollowers(It depends on how large Your list is).

7 ) Near the top of the next page, there are some drop down menus that are titled “Sort by:” and “Show:”. In the “Show:” drop down Choose either “Only following” or “Only followers”.

8 ) Depending on which drop down You select, You Will Be directed to the next page where You Can “Unfollow” non-followers, or “Follow” followers.

Simply play around with this Free online tool!

Another handy Twitter tool I Have written about is:




When You break the word Christmas up, You have Christ- Son of God, and Mas- Celebration. So in essence the celebration of Christ. Many may say Christmas has lost its true meaning, I say “It is what it is”, another holiday to spend time with Family, and Friends. I agree it has become very commercialized, and materialistic, but what these days is not?

What seems weird to Me is, why do We require a excuse to visit with Family and Friends? It seems as though most holidays are used as a excuse, when You can choose to use any moment, not just designated traditional dates. I use to in the past get really worked up over how materialistic Christmas has become, and I boycotted buying and receiving gifts altogether. Now I just allow it to be what ever it is, just another time of year to visit with Family and Friends.

One could get all worked up, and stressed over how much money to spend on gifts for others, but why? It is all Your choice on how much to spend, or not spend. You are in control of what You do. Yeah there are statistics, and opinions on how much money people will spend on average for gifts. I say “Who cares?!”. Money is a transfer of energy, when You truly think about it. If You have good intent on what You use money for, then that is what it will do. The other is also true as well. It all comes back to You choosing what to do, and not to do. Either way, if You allow things to bother You, then it is ‘You’ that has the issue, not any thing out there.

This is not a write up on whether Christ really existed, or not. And whether Christmas has lost its true meaning. Like I said “It is what it is!”, and You make it what it is. The one and only thing I get from the new testament is “We are all capable of every thing Jesus did!”, and that is the main focus of the bible, I believe! So enjoy every moment You have while alive, and do not sweat the small stuff, which I feel is every thing that is!


*Note – There are many cultures and religions that celebrate some thing similar to Christmas. The main theme of them all is to ‘Celebrate’, and I find that rings true for all other holidays in various cultures. There is no right and wrong to which one You celebrate, the main thing is You Live, Love, and Appreciate all that is in Life!

Steeps Urban Tea House

I have been frequenting Steeps for some time now. A buddy of Mine introduced Me to it a while back. They specialize in a plethora of loose leaf teas, from oolong, to exotic blends. The cafe’s them selves have a cozy atmosphere, that make You feel at home. I especially enjoy their London fog’s(earl grey tea lattes)!

I met one of the owners at one of the Edmonton locations today for the first time.  Robyn operates the College Plaza location at 11116 82nd Avenue (Whyte). Edmonton, Alberta. I highly recommend the Old Strathcona location to any one.

You can click on the logo beside or the link below to access their main website for all locations in Canada.