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Truly Being FREE

Truly Being Free

Now take Your time, and fully comprehend this.

So-called modern-day society is volunteer slavery, We work to Live, pay for this, and pay for that, pay, Pay, PAY!!!

Are You able to contemplate an existence without a monetary form of Living?!

I despise the use of trade monetarily, it degrades man, it tries to put Value, where ALL is Infinitely Valueless!

I have stated this for Years “I would work for FREE, if majority of Humanity would Do the same!”

Imagine an Earth without money?!

It would BE TRULY GLORIOUS! So much would wash away, if We could FREE OurSelves from this current state of voluntary enslavement.

And it is NOT just a material thing, it is way beyond that. We OBSESS about money constantly in Our daily Thoughts, We trade something WAY more Valuable for it “TIME”!

We spend most of Our TIME Doing something We Do NOT Enjoy, and spend less TIME with those We Truly LOVE!

Money Truly is the root of ALL evil! And those that tell You otherwise, OBSESS over money so much, that they are trying to reach that level of material and mental status that is killing Humanity and the Planet We call HOME!

We Honestly NEED to let money and similar uses of it GO! The list of what money does negatively is staggering, and itemizing it here would take up most of this blog!

I Challenge You, try and go ONE DAY without Thinking about money just ONCE, I bet You could Do it, if You really wanted too!!! I really Hope You CAN, because once You Do, You Will Truly Be FREE!!! 🙂

What is a QEG?!



This is some of the MOST IMPORTANT Info I Am Proud to Be Able to Share with You!

I know most of You’re Aware of who Nikola Tesla was, and if You are not, please go Read about him here:


Nikola Tesla

Now what I NEED You to understand is, Nikola Tesla along with other very Important People such as Viktor Schauberger, Believed in WORKING with the LAWS OF NATURE, NOT against them!

With that Being stated, lets get to the point “What is a QEG?!”…

It stands for:

Quantum Energy Generator

Which in a nutshell, is a ALMOST FREE Energy Generating Device, based on Basic Principles re-Discovered by Tesla.

The COOL thing about this QED, is it is Being FREELY Shared with EVERYONE, by Sharing the Blueprints on how to Build it!

The Blueprints may Be Downloaded here:

QED Manual

And here:


There is also a website to track the progress of this Project:


It has been a LONG time coming, and I LOVE how this has been Shared with the World.

Please Feel FREE to Share this with EVERYONE You know!


FREE by Universal Law

Stand for Your Living Right to Live:


FREE Can Work

This is a Great Example of how FREE can Work:


The Beautiful Truth

My GirlFriend and I watch this documentary last night about a German Physician by the name of Max Gerson.

He discovered in the early 1900’s that a proper dietary Life-style was Essential to Living dis-Ease FREE!

Here is a quote explaining the movie “The Beautiful Truth”:

“Throughout our lives, our bodies are contaminated with various toxic substances that cause cancer and other diseases.

These toxins reach us through the air we breathe, the food we eat, the medicines we take and the water we drink.

As the use of these toxic substances is growing every day, and the incidence of cancer also increases a proven treatment to use natural and detoxifier as Gerson Therapy not only provides peace of mind, but it is necessary.

Gerson Therapy is a powerful natural treatment that boosts the immune system, in order to cure cancer, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, and many other degenerative diseases.

One aspect that unlike most other treatments is inclusive integrative nature. Consumed daily thirteen cups fresh juices, fruits and vegetables, which provide a generous amount of nutrients, enzymes and minerals.

Then these substances break down diseased tissue in the body, while enemas help eliminate the accumulation of a lifetime of toxins in the liver. With an approach that takes into account the entire body for healing, the Gerson Therapy reactivates magnificent naturally your body’s ability to heal itself, without harmful side effects.

Over 200 articles in respected medical journals, and thousands of people cured of their “incurable” diseases document the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy, which is also one of the few treatments with 60 years of success.

Though his philosophy to detoxify and revitalize the body is simple, this is a complex treatment that requires paying close attention to detail. While many patients have been cured completely using the Gerson therapy alone for best results we recommend starting treatment at a treatment centre licensed by the Gerson Institute.

Note: The Gerson Institute has no controls or manages any centew treatment. We have a licensing program with clinics to ensure that patients receive treatment Gerson 100% true.

Make sure your clinic is Gerson Institute licensed to provide this therapy.

Gerson Therapy is an advanced and current natural holistic treatment that uses your own body’s healing mechanism for the treatment and cure of chronic and debilitating diseases.

When it was introduced by Dr. Max Gerson, this nutritional therapy was so far ahead of its time that almost no explanations in the literature of how he could achieve cure chronic and infectious diseases.

But, because actually cured many cases of advanced tuberculosis, heart disease, cancer and many less serious diseases, the Gerson Therapy was established as an important contribution to the field of medicine, through articles in academic journals with review .

Dr. Gerson first published an article related to cancer in 1945, almost 40 years before the adoption of the current official program of diet, nutrition and cancer of the National Cancer Institute of the U.S. Dr. Max Gerson treated hundreds and hundreds of patients and continued to develop and refine his therapy until his death in 1959, at the age of 78.

His most famous patient was Dr. Albert Schweitzer, whom Gerson cured of advanced diabetes when Schweitzer was 75. He returned to his African hospital, won the Nobel Prize, and worked until the ninety-odd years.

He wrote: “I see in Dr. Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine.”

more info http://www.enbuenasmanos.com/articulos/muestra.asp?art=1355″

*Please Be aware that this movie is currently not available here in Canada for some weird reason, so I Am taking a BIG leap of Faith and Sharing it on Umattr.info’s YouTube Channel.

If the Movie does not show in the above link for You, go to:


This is Censorship at it’s finest!!!

You may purchase the DVD at this website:



i versus I

i versus II Am sure You are already Aware of this, however there has been some rather un-rest amongst the Human race lately.

For example:




And the list goes on…

Please understand Me, the Info that the above listed sites provide, are at times well written, and rather Informative.

However, I Am noticing a pattern, and some others I communicate with from time-to-time, are acknowledging the same pattern as well. And that pattern is “The problems are outside of Us, and We need some one else to fix them for Us!”.

This way of thinking is rather counterproductive in My mind, and is getting many of those who view Society this way in a vicious loop/cycle.

It seems the movement that is going on is ‘demanding’ change, however ‘demanding’ some thing is very egoic, and causes more division amongst each other.

Freedom is a illusion, it is not some thing You need to seek, or ‘demand’, it Simply just IS!

To Be Free is synonymous to Simply BEING.

There is no ‘them’, or ‘they’, there is only US, and as soon as You realize We are all in this Together, and stop pointing blame outside of OurSelf, the sooner You will Be Free!

The way I see it, there is ‘i’ and ‘I’. One is the True You, and the other is ego.

Be Humble and Accepting of how things are, and the World around You will transform into a place of Comfort and Ease (in Your Own way, shape and form).

Stats state there are over 7 billion People on this Planet (whether that is True or not, does not matter), however that means there are over 7 billion different Perspectives, and forcing all of them to Be the same is Insane! So, Simply Accepting that We all Have different views is the in My mind, one of the single most important things You Can ever Do.

Either way, You reap, what You sow…


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I’ve made the right Choice with the Team Building Project, and You Can Do the same. It is an Opportunity worth Sharing.



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What if…

Now this may offend some of Your Belief structures, however I Feel compelled to Share this possible forgotten Knowledge.

I Am at the moment reading a book titled “ Earths Forbidden Secrets” by Maxwell Igan. Many interesting parts about the book thus far are; it shows pictures in which evidence things We were taught about in the past to Be absolute Truth, may turn out to Be what I call a “Red Herring!”

Please download the ebook below:

Earths Forbidden Secrets by Maxwell Igan

I found this book for Free at TheCrowHouse.com

Another Great read, that will Compliment the above noted book is:

Thiaoouba Prophecy by Michel Desmarquet

I found this book for Free at Bioresonant.com

I thoroughly suggest You hold a very open Mind when reading either of these Interesting books, as they stretch traditional Knowledge!


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