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You Were Born An Original.. Do NOT Die A Copy!!!

I wrote about this a while ago:


Here is an Excellent Video to sum it ALL up:


I Am

I Am not sure about You, however I know for Me it seems Life on this Planet is exponentially speeding up!

It seems as though Children at a Younger age are Understanding, and Comprehending way faster than I was as a Child.

The book noted in this article, is one that will aid You in Understanding some of the ways We as Divine Beings Have chosen to Serve Self, more than Our Fellow Man.

Also, this website:


Will Help shed more light on what can Be done to Achieve TRUE FREEDOM.

I Am Discourses

– by Godfre Ray King



Have You noticed the Self-Help(contradiction if You are seeking outside of You for Help) movement, that is now a huge industry? I know when it first came out, and still to this moment, it was intended to Empower who ever Embraced it. However, I Have noticed it is perpetuating itself by providing the same stuff over and over, but by a different author, method, guru…

The point I Am getting across here is, reaching out for Help is Good, however Being Empowered is You! Reaching outside Your Self, will continue until You reach the point of realizing it is You who is the Guru of You!

Knowledge is Good! So reading this, watching that, listening to what ever, etc… is Perfectly alright, as long as You are Being and knowing who You Truly are while Doing so. I Have come to the final realization that I Am who I Am, and all other info presented to Me is for further Knowledge and Experiencing!

I Encourage You to get to the same realization that You are Your Guru!!! 🙂