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i versus I

i versus II Am sure You are already Aware of this, however there has been some rather un-rest amongst the Human race lately.

For example:




And the list goes on…

Please understand Me, the Info that the above listed sites provide, are at times well written, and rather Informative.

However, I Am noticing a pattern, and some others I communicate with from time-to-time, are acknowledging the same pattern as well. And that pattern is “The problems are outside of Us, and We need some one else to fix them for Us!”.

This way of thinking is rather counterproductive in My mind, and is getting many of those who view Society this way in a vicious loop/cycle.

It seems the movement that is going on is ‘demanding’ change, however ‘demanding’ some thing is very egoic, and causes more division amongst each other.

Freedom is a illusion, it is not some thing You need to seek, or ‘demand’, it Simply just IS!

To Be Free is synonymous to Simply BEING.

There is no ‘them’, or ‘they’, there is only US, and as soon as You realize We are all in this Together, and stop pointing blame outside of OurSelf, the sooner You will Be Free!

The way I see it, there is ‘i’ and ‘I’. One is the True You, and the other is ego.

Be Humble and Accepting of how things are, and the World around You will transform into a place of Comfort and Ease (in Your Own way, shape and form).

Stats state there are over 7 billion People on this Planet (whether that is True or not, does not matter), however that means there are over 7 billion different Perspectives, and forcing all of them to Be the same is Insane! So, Simply Accepting that We all Have different views is the in My mind, one of the single most important things You Can ever Do.

Either way, You reap, what You sow…


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