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I Am a Nerd

Matt Sicotte | Nerds On SiteYou read that correctly “I Am a Nerd!” 🙂

I have been a Nerd for several years, however now it has been official since the 20th of January 2012.

Now what does it mean to Be a Nerd?

It means I Am part of a World Wide Network of Nerds that offer various Services in the Technology field.

We provide Solutions for Residential applications, Small, Medium  and Large Businesses as well.

Our Team of Nerds combined Knowledge base exceeds the entire video library of Star Trek, X-files, and Star wars combined!

The Cool thing about what We offer is, We bill per Solution, and not per hour, meaning no matter how long We take to Solve an issue You may Have, You already know what You are paying before We begin.

To find a Nerd nearest You, go to:


Or Call


We look forward to Being of Service!


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