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Fear in Doing

This is more common than I have known in the past. For example I hesitate to buy things some times based on the fear I might not have money, silly but true. We tend to have fear do to the fact some thing happened to Us in the past, and now every time a similar scenario presents it Self, We view that experience on what happened in the past.

This sucks, to be honest. Because it prevents Us from experiencing every thing a new. If You really think about it, every moment is truly unique. You may think there are similar moments but truly they are all different. The only reason it may seem the same is because You are playing the same movie of what happened before in Your mind in that moment. Take for instance when You were a Child, and You had yet to discover fire for Your Self. When You first saw it, it was foreign to You. You were curious, so like all curious Children You explore. You eventually touch the fire, and get burned or experience extreme heat. From that moment forward You will remember that experience, and have a completely different view on fire. You will be some what afraid of it, avoid getting burned. This goes for every thing in Our lives.

Beliefs are formed by these past experiences. Our beliefs shape what We choose to perceive in Our moments of consciousness. Some serve You well, many do not! Think of some beliefs You have that hinder Your from doing what You would Love to do. There are ways to change those beliefs easily, and painlessly. One method I like is called “Psych-K”, and it was developed by Rob Wlliams. It uses kinesioiogy to help verify and correct specific beliefs You have. So this brings Us back to what I started with, “fear in doing”. It really all stems from Your beliefs, change those to beliefs that serve You better, than You will do with out fear! To find out more on the “Psych-K” method click on the link below, or the picture above.



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  2. You are Welcome!

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