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What are Pluggz?


I recently purchased 2 pairs of shoes for My Girlfriend of almost 10 years.

They are called “Pluggz“, I got her a pair of the Blue Loafers below:

Pluggz Loafers

And a pair of the Red Laser Cuts below:

Pluggz Laser Cuts

You may be asking “What are Pluggz?”, well if You are familiar with “Earthing” You may already understand the concept of Pluggz, if NOT then Please read about Earthing here:


The concept of Earthing and Pluggz are rather Simple, and that is the main principle of Re-Connecting You to the Earth!

I suggest considering these shoes for Yourself, or anyone You Feel would Benefit from them.


Vision Hockey

Here is a interesting short story My Friend Steve told Me over a year ago. He said to Me “I had a Dream about Creating a hockey stick company with My Friend Murray, several nights ago”. The name of the company in His Dream was slightly different and rather amusing! However, what I Love about this Simple story is that He has made His Dream, and Vision a reality(pun intended)!!!

They started Their company over a year ago, and recently Received Their first shipment of composite hockey sticks. Steve designed the graphics, and website. His associate Murray handles the research and development of the products(s).

If You are in the market for a new hockey stick and/or know of some one who is, consider Vision Hockey sticks. They Have three sizes, flexes, and curves to suit Your Talent!

To find out more about the product/company, and to purchase, Please go to:

Mention Matt at Umattr.info referred You, as they will provide You the Best Service as result of. 🙂


The Russian Tea Room

My GirlFriend (Amanda) and I Have been to this place in the past. They offer a wide variety of food, and tea. The main attraction for this establishment is the many Psychics that Do reading of all sorts there.

I highly recommend this place for all the reasons noted above! To visit Their website click on either the photo, or the link below.

The Russian Tea Room

Also, if You are interested in various other style of readings, go to:


As well as:

Universal Life Secrets


La Bezt

My Girlfriend and I were at this restaurant a while back. We ordered a large Mexican style topping pizza, to say the least the pizza was Excellent! The Owner of the shop made the pizza personally for Us, You Do not see that very often these days. I definitely recommend this place. The restaurant is located at #130, 636 King Street, Spruce Grove Alberta Canada. Their website is



El Jabel

Recently My Girl Friend and I purchased a Hookah from El Jabel. If You are unfamiliar with what a Hookah is, I suggest going to this website and learn about them http://hooka-hookah.com/hookah-smoking-guide.html. They also sell other products unique to Arabic Culture. The owners name is SID, and He will assist You with any questions You may have about Hookahs or other products He sells. They are located at 12620B 132 Avenue Nw, Edmonton, AB T5L 3P9


Honest Tom’s Sled Repair

The name says it all! Tom is the man for Your sled’s maintenance and repairs. He is located in Calgary, You can either contact him via his facebook page by clicking on the picture or link below.

Honest Tom’s Sled Repair


Steeps Urban Tea House

I have been frequenting Steeps for some time now. A buddy of Mine introduced Me to it a while back. They specialize in a plethora of loose leaf teas, from oolong, to exotic blends. The cafe’s them selves have a cozy atmosphere, that make You feel at home. I especially enjoy their London fog’s(earl grey tea lattes)!

I met one of the owners at one of the Edmonton locations today for the first time.  Robyn operates the College Plaza location at 11116 82nd Avenue (Whyte). Edmonton, Alberta. I highly recommend the Old Strathcona location to any one.

You can click on the logo beside or the link below to access their main website for all locations in Canada.



Desire to Ascend

Ascendant Books Ltd. has been in Edmonton for over 25 years now. I became aware of it just this year. This store is amazing! I have been there a few times, reason being is ’cause every time I Am there, I Am over whelmed with the selection of books, gems, audio, and various other items excellent for gift giving! I have purchased numerous books from Ascendant. I highly recommend this store to any one. They are located at 10310 – 124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta. Click on the picture or link below to see their website.

Ascendant Books Ltd.



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