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I Am

I Am not sure about You, however I know for Me it seems Life on this Planet is exponentially speeding up!

It seems as though Children at a Younger age are Understanding, and Comprehending way faster than I was as a Child.

The book noted in this article, is one that will aid You in Understanding some of the ways We as Divine Beings Have chosen to Serve Self, more than Our Fellow Man.

Also, this website:


Will Help shed more light on what can Be done to Achieve TRUE FREEDOM.

I Am Discourses

– by Godfre Ray King


Path of Frustration

We Have all Experienced “frustration” from time to time.

It seems the more You resist, the more Powerful it gets.

The Best technique once told to Me, was to Embrace what ever it is that frustrates You.

Allow it to burn through so-to-speak.

For example, when I play squash with a Friend of Mine, there are times when I Am in the groove, then when I Am not, I allow frustration to grab hold, and ruin the rest of the match.

However, I started asking MySelf questions, ones that would trick My Sub-Conscious into allowing Me to Feel as though I Am getting Better in that very Moment, and turn things around.

And guess what, it actually worked. Just when I thought I was on the path of frustration, I allowed MySelf to ask questions like “Why Am I getting Better?”, and “Why Am I Doing Better?”.

So when You Feel frustration veering it’s little head, take a moment to re-Affirm that You are Good at what ever You Do 🙂