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Quantum K

Quantum KI came across this process today, below is an excerpt from their website:

The Experience

Welcome! I would like to offer you a free healing experience. No catches, no hidden costs, just the potential to take a step forward on your personal healing journey.

This unique experience is based on the combination of sound, colour, fractal geometry, harmonics and symbols. These concepts were originally explored in the ‘Quantum K’ manual, designed primarily for my clients and complementary healthcare therapists in the United Kingdom. It was the success and popularity of this manual that encouraged me to move into this new medium.

My goal in transferring the pages of the original book into a 23 minute website experience is to enhance its healing potential and bring it to the unlimited audience available through the internet. I can now use colour and sound to stimulate your senses and you need only sit comfortably, relax and engage passively with the data on the screen as it automatically moves from one concept to the next. Best of all, you can repeat the experience whenever you wish, drawing from it whatever you need at that time. If you would like an entirely audio experience, a narrated version is also available.

I recommend you use this website in the following order:

1. Start by reading the ‘Concepts and FAQs’ section to get an overview of how this healing system works. Please remember that you do not need to understand any of this detail to benefit fully from it. You can then read some testimonials to give you some reassurance and hopefully some excitement about the system’s potential to help you.

2. You can then find a quiet time to enjoy the experience itself. This will take 23 minutes. You can repeat this experience any time you wish.

3. If you feel this is helping, you can consider purchasing the ‘Quantum K’ resonators – little electromagnetic chips that you attach to your watch and mobile phone, allowing you continual access to the healing potential and protection of this system wherever you are. If you enjoy the music, you can buy the complete album of healing resonances or a narrated version of the main system. Profits from these sales cover the costs incurred in setting up and maintaining this website.

4. If you want to read more about the concepts and other related matters of interest, you may read on screen or print the ‘Quantum K’ manual itself. This has the latest information and technical data and is available free of charge. There is also a blog that I update regularly with viewpoints on matters of topical interest.

5. Finally, if you benefit from the generic healing programme but would like a more personal experience, I can create your own personal screenflow or offer remote healing. See the ‘personal healing’ tab above for further details.

Above all else, if you like the experience, please do tell your friends and loved ones…

With love, light and blessings,
Andrew Kemp

You may visit this website at:



The Nature of Gravity is Finally Explained

gravity-newtonI Am not sure if You are Aware, however Gravity is still rather a Mystery to Scientists and Many Scholars in general.

It is described as a Force, and has been measured for many years. Most Do not understand what it is though, and what causes it? Even My Self Have speculated on what causes this obvious Force.

Even the word Gravity is rather Mysterious as in Latin:

gravis : heavy, weighty, serious, important / severe, grievous.

gravitas : weight, seriousness, dignity, importance.

graviter : heavily, seriously.

I Do not know about You, however those definitions above are rather elusive, and Do not Give a adequate explanation of the English word Gravity. Which to Me is rather misleading, as most words in the English language derive from Latin.

I Have come across a Scientist that is providing a Better explanation of Gravity, which is more up-to-date than the old definition laid out by Sir Isaac Newton.

Click on the Link below to download the document, or go to the original website I found the document on:

Nature of Gravity



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