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Going Mobile!

SimpleMobileSites.comWell I Have added yet another Powerful Service to My tool belt!

I Am not sure if You are Aware or not, however mobile usage is consistently rising daily.

What does this mean for You? Well if You are a business Owner, then I suggest getting a head of this trend and position Your Self to Receive more customers/clients.

You may Be thinking “What is the difference between a website, and a mobile ready website?”.

Desktop/laptop Websites:

  • Are used for branding a company, product or service.
  • More in depth descriptions on various topics.
  • Entertain (some cases).
  • Provide  background info.
  • Many other reasons…

Mobile Websites:

  • For functionality (when You are on the go, You wish to find, or contact the business You are looking for).
  • Fast and Easy navigation of Important Info (catered for customers/clients on the go).
  • Does not eat up lots of bandwidth (meaning You are not going to pay for tons of data usage on Your next mobile phone bill!).
  • Prioritizes the mobile user, some one who requires info fast and easy, while on the go…
  • Many other reasons…

As You Can see, there are many reasons to Have both website computability.

If You Wish to Learn more about mobile ready websites, go to:



You Excel at what You dis-Like

expandI Am a Great example of this notion “You Excel at what You dis-Like”.

When attending school in My earlier years, I Remember specifically in English studies, that I Received rather poor grades from My Teachers over the course of the years in school.

This judgement of grades deterred Me from pursuing anything related in writing, and even reading! Now, I take full Responsibility for Being influenced by those who graded Me over the years in this manner. And for Me not over coming the judgement held Me from Excelling at some thing I Now Love Doing!

You Can apply this Principle to absolutely any thing in Your Experience of LIFE.

Just Simply make a list of what You dis-Like, and examine where that judgement originates from.

Even if You Can not pin-point where it originates from, You Can still re-Discover the True Essence of some thing You possess as a Quality from Your Being!

Give Great Attention to how You Feel about things You Have labelled as a dis-Like. You Will over come the judgement, and Possibly Utilize the True Nature of what You where Born to Do!


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I know many of Us require Easier and Effective ways to get Our Service or Products noticed by the masses, well I Can Help You with Achieving those Goals.


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