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Conditional Freedom

I began to under stand this concept of “Conditional Freedom” just a few days ago, and it just dawned on Me today that We as a Man and Woman are Free if We hold True to who We really are, however when We allow others to influence Us to Do or Be some thing other than Our True Nature, We set up a conditional Freedom with Our Self.

I struggled with the thought that some thing out there(external) controls My Experiences and way of Being. It does seem to look and Feel that way to most of Us, for example a common statement We may use is “Why is this happening to Me?!”, “What did I Do to deserve this?!”. Now interpreting those statements in a negative connotation it seems as though things happen to Us, however if You view every event as Truly neutral, nothing happens to You, You react and/or Respond  based on what You know Best from the past.

Now the concept of neutral events is very True, for example I may Experience skydiving with Thrill, and Excitement, however some one else may Experience skydiving with  absolute fear, and terror! The event stays the same, the Perspective is different!

In various societies, rules, regulations, policies, bills, acts, etc… supposedly control Us, however only if You allow it! Now the trick to this is Intention. Most of Us Have Experienced Intuition at some point in Our Life(fact is Intuition is accessible all the time, if You are fully Aware in every moment). I Am referring to the ‘Gut Feeling’, when some thing Feels Good, or Not. Intention has a big role in this process, as studies Have shown that Our Heart Gives and Receives Electro-Magnetic Frequencies constantly! For example when You meet some one for the first time, You get this sorta Good or Bad Feeling in Your stomach. Now, this feeling is Purely un-biased to all Your senses, it is Receiving the general Intent of that Person You just met.

This process operates both ways, You send out Intent all the time as well, and Others pick up on this. You may ask “What does this have to Do with so-called laws?”, well when You get pulled over by a cop for example, and You are Giving out hostile Intentions, the recipient of those vibrations will act accordingly regardless of how You visually and/or verbally treat the cop. This applies in all facets of Our Lives, the key is Being of Pure Good Intent in every Moment! I know this may Be a challenge at times, however keep in mind “What You Feel about Others, they will Feel about You!”.

Now in Essence We Create Our Own Conditional Freedom, not some thing outside of Our Selves!


PS ~ I Am not sure if You are Aware of this Technique, however it works for most People. It is called EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) and it is rather Simple to Do. A known Leader in the field of EFT is Brad Yates.

To Learn more about this rather Powerful Technique, go to:

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Perspective and Perception

I once thought the words Perspective and Perception were very similar, however the definitions of these words are rather different.


A mental view or outlook.


Insight, intuition, or knowledge gained by perceiving.

Now, when understanding these two words fully they bring to Light a whole new Perspective (Pun intended)!

Perspective is how You view Your Life through Your Senses, and Perception is the way You absorb the Experiences in Your Life, through Your Senses!

This is the kicker though, what is absorbed over time shapes Your Beliefs, hence skewing the way Your Perspective is to what You view. Hence Giving You a very unique view of Your Life, one that no one will ever know or understand.

You may Be wondering “Why does this matter to Me?”. Well, think of the cycle by which You are always viewing every thing in Your Life in every Moment? It gets Perceived, then filtered through a Belief system, which in turn skews Your Perspective, then gets perceived again, and goes through the same cycle which in turn is a bit different every time(however We often think it is the same).

This means You are always Growing no matter what, even when You Think Your Life is staying the same! It is very relieving to know We are always Growing, as I once thought before, much of society was stagnant and digressing.

Even if You did Your Best to prove this theory wrong, the mere fact at the attempt to discredit this, means You are Growing, and expanding Your Awareness! Ponder that notion a while 🙂

We all Have unique point-of-views, which all add to the Grand theme of Life! This Gives Me much Hope for Humanity in these supposed disHeartening times.