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Have You noticed the Self-Help(contradiction if You are seeking outside of You for Help) movement, that is now a huge industry? I know when it first came out, and still to this moment, it was intended to Empower who ever Embraced it. However, I Have noticed it is perpetuating itself by providing the same stuff over and over, but by a different author, method, guru…

The point I Am getting across here is, reaching out for Help is Good, however Being Empowered is You! Reaching outside Your Self, will continue until You reach the point of realizing it is You who is the Guru of You!

Knowledge is Good! So reading this, watching that, listening to what ever, etc… is Perfectly alright, as long as You are Being and knowing who You Truly are while Doing so. I Have come to the final realization that I Am who I Am, and all other info presented to Me is for further Knowledge and Experiencing!

I Encourage You to get to the same realization that You are Your Guru!!! 🙂



One of the definitions of the word Role caught My attention. It is as such, 2). The characteristic and expected social behavior of an individual. Hmmmm… “expected” by whom?

I Am sure You Have noticed, that You act certain roles according to what social situation You are in, such as when You are in the Presence of You Parents, Friends, Children, Co-workers, so-called authority… How Do You act around those certain roles?

Most of Us Do not even notice We change from role to role. I feel if You are Being Your True Self, these roles You put on several times a day, are not required.  I know when I change roles over the course of the day, I feel rather exhausted as result of it.

Now Being Your Authentic Self is Easier than You may think! Have You ever noticed how You act around a Pet and/or a Child? In those instances You are Your True Self, as You know You are not Being judged. Now, the trick is to ‘Be’ without that feeling of judgment! It is Being without seeking justification of what others think,  that is Your True Self. And when You  ‘Be’ You more, and more in-front of the various roles, then You will break free of the roles You act  as well!


Bedford Biofuels

It came to My attention a while ago, that some of Us focus on so many of the problems in Our Life, however when You shift to focusing on many of the Solutions, You will notice shortly there after the problems seem to become non-existent and Simply dissolve away!

This brings Me to the topic of non-Renewable Resources. As many of You may know, Our means of transport, products, etc… are mainly run on petroleum. And as many of You are Aware, petroleum is deemed non-Renewable by many scientists, or so-called professionals in that field of work. Also, many of You know of the alternatives to traditional petroleum’s, such as Biofuels. Canola, soy, sunflower, even algae! Just to name a few. Most of the above noted Biofuels Have many other Purposes as well, such as for Food consumption.

Most of the Biofuels stated, require much energy to produce a single drop of fuel to Be used, hence making that source of fuel contradictory to Being a Reasonable alternative. And to makes things more complicated, these sources are mainly used for Food, in turn lessening how much Food We Have for Human or Animal consumption on this Planet!

Which brings Me to a rather clever Solution. What if there was a plant that produced only fuel, Grew in areas deemed unfavorable for many plants, is inedible to many animals, is very Easy to refine, the list goes on… Well there is such a plant, and it has been among Us for many years now!

To find out more about this Amazing plant, Go to:

Bedford Biofuels

If You Choose to Learn more after reviewing their website, then I recommend You contact:

Phone : 1-780-801-1234
Fax : 1-780-801-1245
Cell : 1-780-722-9992
Suite 206, 11523 – 100th Ave
Edmonton, Alberta   T5K 0J8

Bedford Biofuels
energy for generations

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Outside the Box

Have You ever noticed when You think outside traditional means(which is usually called normal and/or sane), You tend to get uncomfortable and/or Receive backlash from others around You. Why is this?

In the past this has prevented Me from Doing what I really Desired to Do. However Now, I Simply Trust My gut feelings(Intuition) rather than agree with conflicting opinions to My thoughts. I suggest You Do the same. Ponder on this for a moment,  think of a time when You really had a Desire to Do some thing and You knew with all Your Being it was possible and Beneficial. Did You act on it? Did You follow it through to Fruition? Or did You Simply heed warning from others not to ever bother? Or did Your Own Beliefs or Values prevent You from completing it?

I really Believe if You Have doubts within Your Self in any regards, what presents itself outside of You will Simply verify Your doubts. For example, whenever You Do some thing You Have not done before, You are some what reserved in Doing it, Your Confidence is lacking. However, You practice at it over and over until You get Comfortable and Confident with it! Now, lets say some one laughs at You for supposedly not Doing well at some thing, I guarantee some where inside Your mind, You will either Receive that as a insult, or will Simply allow it to pass without any feeling or emotion to the Experience. To further on that, if You are insulted that means You are lacking the Confidence, and are the one with the problem, not the Person who was laughing.

There are ways to release these inner blockages so-to-speak. If You Desire to Learn some ways in Doing so, Please feel Free to contact Me at matt@umattr.info, and/or You Can phone at 1.780.604.8649.

I know of many methods, and People who Can Help Free You of Your limiting Beliefs 🙂